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   Charles Wellington
   C. W. F. ;
   two children
   1874 in Cambridge, MA
   graduated from Massachusetts Normal Art School in 1895; 1901-1902 he was a student at Cornell, Harvard, Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris
   United States of America
   Simon H. Gage: Life history of the toad, Nature-Study Leaflets 14 (1904): 185 ; C. W. F.: The Gateway To The Sahara: Observations & Experiences in Tripoli (New York 1909) ;
   head of the Art Department at Cornell University 1896-1904; Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology (head of Kitty A exp.)
   zoological, natural history & topographic drawing, watercolour & painting; documentary travel photography ;
   Special Collections & Univ.Archives, Univ.of Oregon Libraries:
   Sally Gregory Kohlstedt: Through books to nature, in: Science in Print, Madison, Wisc. 2012: 169 ;
   explorer, writer, lecturer, artist, college professor, scientist, cowboy, collector,foreign correspondent; in North Africa, 1904-1905; Tierra del Fuego, 1907-1908; and Venezuela, 1910. In 1915 he was a member of an expedition to the West African islands for the Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology

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