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   Carl Julius
   J. F. ;
   1808 in Neustadt near Stolpen, now Germany
   ? St. Petersburg, Russia ?
   Amtsphysikus Christian Ferdinand Fritzsche
   mother Juliane Christiane Wilhelmine, born Struve; father in law: pharmacist Heinrich Wilhelm Struve
   trained as chemist & pharmacist w. Eilhard Mitscherlich (1794–1863) in Berlin; since 1833 in St. Petersburg, working at the Academy of Science
   Russian chemists Karl von Baer & Fyodor Brandt: Experimental examples to illustrate a scientific report, May 1839) ;
   Russian Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg (1844 extraordinary & since 1852 ord. member); Mémoires de l'Acad. Imp.des sc. de St.-Petersbourg (pub.
   draughtsman Seleny , draughtsman W. Pape on botanical plates ;
   botanical , first appl. of Talbot's photogenic drawing for scientific documentation purposes in Russia ;
   Russian Academy of Science, St. Peterburg ; ;
   ADB 8 (1878):122f.; Ann Thomas (ed.) Beauty of Another Order, Ottawa 1997: 40; Heiner Kaden, Ortrun Riha: Studien zu Carl Julius Fritzsche (1808–1871) & Il’ja Il’ič Mečnikov (1845–1916), Leipzig 2009 (Relationes 2)
   born in Germany, since 1833 active as chemist & owner of mineral water co. in St. Petersburg, Russia

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