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   Wilson Alwyn
   W. A. B. ;
   1865 in Jericho, Vermont, USA
   Jericho, Vermont, USA
   farmer in Jericho, Vermont, USA
   United States of America
   B.W.A. & William J. Humphreys: Snow Crystals, 1931 (w.2500 photogr.); Snowflakes in photographs; Guide to Nature, 1922;
   Harvard Mineralogical Museum; National Geographic, Nature, Popular Science & Scientific American (publ.)
   George Henry Perkins, prof. of natural history at Univ.Vermont; William J. Humphreys of the U.S. Weather Bureau;
   initially drawing, later scientific micro-photography of snowflake crystals
   W.A.B.'s photogr.coll. inJericho Historical Society in Jericho: ; Buffalo Museum of Science;
   Ann Thomas (Ed.) Beauty of Another Order. Photography in Science, Ottawa 1997: 103ff.; Blanchard, Duncan: Snowflake Man-Biography of W.A.B., Blacksburg, VA, 1998; Corey Keller(ed.) Brought to Light : Photography and the Invisible 1840-1900, 2009: figs.33-40
   one of the first known photographers of snowflakes. cf. also and ;

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