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   John Jabez Edwin Paisley
   J. J. E. P. ; J. E. Mayall / nĂ© Jabez Meal ;
   Eliza Parkin (1816-1xxx) in 1834
   sons Edwin (1835-1xxx), Joseph Parkin (1839-1xxx) & John (1842-1xxx)
   1813 in Oldham, Lancashire / Manchester
   Southwick, West Sussex / London
   dyer John Meal, in Linthwaite, West Yorkshire
   landlord of Star Inn, Linthwaite Joseph Parkin (father-in-law)
   studied Chemistry and other sciences in general
   England, UK
   Lewis A. Sayre: Spinal disease (1877) ; Jonathan Pereia: Elements of Materia Medica (1849-54) ; John Tallis: History Crystal Palace Great Exhibition (1851) ;
   Photographic Society of London
   landscape painter and English artist J. M. W. Turner (1775-1851) ;
   medical daguerreotype ; photographic reproduction and portraiture
   AKL ; Gernsheim 1961: 88 & 148 ;
   1842 active in USA, Philadelphia, 1846-60 in London.

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