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   Agnes °
   M. A. M. C. ; Mary Agnes Meara / Mary Agnes Merrill ;
   William Ingraham Chase (18xx-1889) in 1888
   1869 in Wady Petra, Iroquois County, Illinois
   Bethesda, Maryland
   Meara, who changed his name to Merrill after 1871
   Chicago. art at Lewis Institute, 1958 hon DSc of Univ. Illinois Botany
   United States of America
   Contrib US National Herbarium (1893) ; Albert Spear Hitchcock: Manual Grasses US & W Indies ; A. Chase: North American Species of Paspalum (1910) ; Lamson-Scribner: American Grasses ; Swallen: Grasses British Honduras Petén Guatemala ; bryologist Ellsworth Jerome Hill ; Millspaugh: Plantae Yucatanae & Utowanae ;
   1903 Botany Division of USDA: Yearbook; Smithsonian Institution; Charles Fred Millspaugh Field Museum Nat History Chicago ;
   successor to botanist A. S. Hitchcock ; lithographier B. Meisel ; artist R. Cowing ; artist M. D. Baker ; artist B. Ames ; artist M. W. Gill ; artist K. A. Mayo ; artist J. C. Patten ; artist L. Hughey ; artist A. H. Baldwin ; artist F. Lamson-Scribner ; artist W. R. Scholl ; artist T. Holm ; artist B. Y. Morrison ; artist Mrs. G. M. Mullett ; artist F. C. Weintraub ; artist E. M. Whitehorn ;
   botanical drawing, ink, and watercolor painting
   Hunt Institute, Carnegie Mellon Univ. Pittsburgh, PA ; Chicago Natural History Museum ; Smithsonian Institution
   Lawrence 1968: 48f. ; J. R. Swallen in Taxon 8(5)1959: 148-59 ; Vera Norwood: Made Earth. American Women Nature 1993: 54f. & 87 ; E. Schultz: 79-year-old Washingtonian, St Louis Star Times (1949 ) ;
   US government illustrator active in Washington DC. as proofreader for WIChase's School Herald; meat inspectress at Chicago Stockyards; agrostologist; suffragette; South America, Brazil, Europe. See also: .

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