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   J. T. ;
   w. Lady Thornhill, who died at Chiswick in 1757
   son, James, who became serjeant-painter to the Navy; one daughter, Jane, who secretly married caricaturist & draughtsman William Hogarth in 1729
   1675 or 1676 in Melcombe Regis, Dorset, England
   Thornhill, Dorset, England
   Walter Thornhill of Wareham and Mary, eldest daughter of Colonel William Sydenham, governor of Weymouth.
   draughtsman, caricaturist & painter William Hogarth, who married J.T.s daughter Jane:
   1689-96 apprentice to Thomas Highmore (1660-1720), a non-figurative decorative painter; also studies w. Antonio Verrio (1639?-1707) & Louis Laguerre
   England, UK
   (stellar) Atlas Coelestis of astronomers John Flamsteed & assistants Joseph Crosthwait & Abraham Sharp, publ. 1719-29, 2nd ed. 1753
   Astronomer Royal John Flamsteed; court painter of George I since 1718; 1720 Serjeant Painter & knighted since 1720; master of the Painters' guild;
   Sir J.T. ran a private art academy where one of his was William Hogarth
   mostly historical & genre oil painting; astronomical engraving & stellar map-making; also portrays of Sir Isaac Newton in old age, 1709-12. ;
   Memorial of Sir J.T., The Gentlemen's magazine & historical review 195 (Jan 1855):486ff.;DNB 57; Tabitha Barber in Oxford DNB 2004;AKL;
    English painter of historical subjects working in the Italian baroque tradition; Queen Anne asked him to decorate the dome of St Paul's Cathedral in 1715ff.; Fellow of the Royal Society, London since 1720, 1722 to 1734 Thornhill was Member of Parliament for Melcombe Regis.;

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