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   George Julius Poulett
   G. J. P. S. ;
   w. Emma Phipps in c. 1820
   1797 in London
   at Fairlawn near Cobham, Surrey
   G.P.S. was 2nd son of J. Poulett Thompson of Waverley Abbey, Surrey and his wife, Charlotte, the daughter of well-to-do Doctor John Jacob of Salisbury
   educated at Harrow & at Pembroke College, Oxford, but in 1816 he entered St John's College, Cambridge, graduating BA in 1821.
   United Kingdom
   G.P.S.: Considerations on Volcanoes, 1825; Memoir on the Geology and Extinct Volcanos of Central France. 1827 (reprint New York 1978); Volcanos: The Character of their Phenomena, 1872;
   since 1825 secretary, jointly with Sir Charles Lyell, of the Geological Society of London; since 1826 member of the Royal Society London.
   Through the influence of geologists Edward Clarke & Adam Sedgwick. G.P.S. became interested in mineralogy & geology; geologist Sir Charles Lyell
   geological & topographic drawing, hand-colouring & painting ; gological map-making ;
   var. links at
   Obit. in Proceedings of the Royal Society of London 25 (1876): i-ii-iv; Nature, 27.1.1876; Academy 9, Jan/June 1876: 102-103; DNB 51: 135-7; Oxford DNB 2008; M.Rudwick: British Journal for the History of Science 44 (1974): 205-242
    English geologist and political economist as well as a magistrate for Stroud in Gloucestershire, active in a series of expeditions in Auvergne, France, Southern Italy, esp. Etna & Naples region, the Pontine Islands, Eifel & other areas of notable current or past volcanism

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