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   William / Wilhelm
   W. v. B. ; von Blandowski / Wilhelma v. Blandowskiego ;
   1822 in Gleiwitz, Upper Silesia, nowadays Poland
   Philosophical Institute of Victoria, a forerunner of the Royal Society of Victoria ; Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre ;
   anthropological, ethnographical, geographical, topographical, and zoological sketch, watercolour, drawing, painting, and photograph ; hand-colouring ;
   Australian Dictionary of Biography 3: 182-3 ; Spec. Issue on WB & his contribution to 19th c. science & art in Australia (Melbourne 2009) ; H. R. Allen: Australia: WB's illustr. Encyclopeadia of Aboriginal Life (2011) ; Theatrum 2000 I: 91 ;
   W. B. was an explorer, natural scientist, and artist, since 1849 in Australia where he led a Victorian government expedition to the junction of the Murray & Darling Rivers 1856-1857; In Australia, BD documented the lives of people engaged in everyday activities, conflicts, rituals, esp. the Nyeri people.

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