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   G. D. ;
   1832 in Düsseldorf
   trained in Paris under the painter Léon Cogniet (1794-1880)
   naturalist Henry Lee (1826-1888) ; worked in Paris in the 1860s for many of the leading French illustrated newspapers of the time, including the including L'Univers Illustré, L'Illustration, Le Monde Illustré and Le Journal Illustré ; as a a "special artist" for the then newly established illustrated weekly newspaper The Graphic (from 1869 until the 1890s) ;
   Royal Society of British Artists, London ;
   architectural, geographical, topographical, historical genre, and natural drawing, painting, and watercolour ; ;
   Obituaries: At Home and Abroad. The Late M. G. Durand, in: The Graphic [London], 3 October 1896: 422 ; Art Notes, in: Pall Mall Gazette [London], 3 October 1896: 3) ; Rodney K. Engen: Dictionary of Victorian Wood Engravers (1985: 78) ;
   Further Places of Activity: France, United Kingdom and the United States of America. See also: He was not an engraver, he was essentially a draughstman only, he did not make the many prints that he designed themselves. There has been much confusion over this aspect of his work! The information of this entry was partly provided by Dr. Donato Esposito, London.

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