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   Kate Catherine °
   K. C. G. ;
   1846 in London
   Hampstead, London
   studied at what is now the Royal College of Art in London, which at that time had a separate section for women, headed by Richard Burchett.
   England, UK
   Patent transferring Papers, c. 1883, publ. by Briggs & Co., Manchester w. 156 pictures 6 6 pages of designs
   Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours (elected member 1889)
   Greenaway's paintings were reproduced by chromoxylography, by which the colours were printed from hand-engraved wood blocks by the firm of Edmund Evans
   technical drawing, painting, and water-colour ; mostly known for illustrations of children's books ;,,kate+greenaway,&f=ZZ,+TI,+AU,+TO
   Baker 1978: 72-84; Clark, Keith. The Bookplate Designs of Kate Greenaway, in The Private Library Autumn 1975, publ. by the Private Libraries Association;

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