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   F. P. ;
   1504 in Bologna
   trained under Giulio Romano in Mantua and became a pupil of Innocenzo da Imola
   Guido Guidi/Vidus Vidius (1508-1569): Chirurgia è graeco in latinum conuersa (1544) ;
   court painter in Fontainebleau ; French king François I. ;
   wood engraver François Jollat ; Guido Guidi ;
   anatomical and architectural drawing ; mannierist painting
   links in
   Herrlinger 1972: 16 ; Vidus Vidius, Med Hist (1957)1,2: 187 ;
   Italian-born painter, sculptor, and architect, who spent most of his life in France; one of the leading artists to work at the Chateau Fontainebleau.

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