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   Johann Georg
   J. G. W. ; Johannes Georgius Virsungus ;
   1600 in Augsburg, Franconia, nowadays Germany
   Padua, Italy (murdered by Giacomo Cambier)
   studies of medicine, esp. anatomy, in Paris & Altdorf; medical doctor in Padua, Italy, 1630; he signed Phil[osophiae]. et Med[icinae]. D[octoris].
   Figura ductus cuiusdam cum multiplicibus suis ramulis noviter in Pancreate a Jo: Georg: Wirsüng Phil. et Med. D. in diversis corporibus humanis observati, Padua 1642;
   since 1630 Johann Vesling’s (1598-1649) prosector at Padua, later Professor of anatomy at Padua Univ., Italy;
   anatomical drawing and copper engraving ;
   see further literature on Jo.G.W. listed in
   Choulant 1858: 147 ; Putscher 1972: 87 ; Giuseppe Ongaro: Wirsung a Padova 1629-1643 (Treviso, Antilia, 2010: 291ff.) ;
   Mostly active in Nuremberg & Augsburg; since 1629 active in Italy:

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