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   L. P. ;
   Rosa Gerber in 1851 in Boston (Swiss)
   1824 in Breslau, nowadays Wrocław, Poland
   Boston, Massachussetts, USA
   Jonas Louis Prang, a French Huguenot & printer
   German mother, Rosina Silverman, 7 sisters
   he accompanied & apprenticed his father, designing, engraving, printing & dying various mediums, from age 13 to 18
   United States of America
   Prang's Lehrgang für die Künstlerische Erziehung unter bes. Berücks. des Naturzeichnens; Color instruction; suggestions for a course of instruction in color for public schools; Prang's Civil War pictures
   Prang Educational Company
   artists: Callowhill painters; Alois Lunzer, FS Mathews, George C Lambdin; Mary Dana Hicks (1836-1927); Arnold Dodel (1843-1908);
   color lithography, wood engraving, chromolithographic reproduction on 32 stones ;
   A.Blum: Picturing Nature 1993; Catalogue of an exhibition illustrative of a centenary of artistic lithography, 1796-1896: at the Grolier Club, 1896; Bridson 2003:90,180; Nissen: Zoolog. Buchillustration 1969/78 (without number)
   born in Prussia, as a journeyman in Europe, revolutionary against the Prussian government in 1848. to Switzerland; to Boston in 1850; Roxbury: L. Prang & Co Lithographic Art Publishers; "father" of the American Christmas Card;

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