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   Henry Thomas De la
   H. T. d. l. B. ; Sir Henry / H. T. de la Beche / Henri de la Bêche ;
   daughter Elizabeth De la Beche (known as Bessie), mother of butterfly coll. & artist ->Mary de la Bêche Nicholl
   1796 London
   army officer, plantation owner in Jamaica
   geology from Mary Anning, Great Marlow Military College
   William Daniel Conybeare: fossil genera Ichthyosaurus Plesiosaurus, Trans Geol.Soc. 1822; William Buckland;
   1835 Geological Survey of Great Britain; Royal Society, Geological Society of London, Museum of Practical Geology, Museum of Economic Geology
   liths: ->G Scharf Sr., ->T Webster, ->George Rowe; Mary Anning; pub. Hullmandel
   geological line drawing, cartoons, drawing from nature, watercolor, painting, geological cartography, paleontological ; ;
   Langer 1978:373,376,391; Lawrence J Chubb on HTDB; Martin Rudwick: The Great Devonian Controversy, Chicago 1985; Rudwick: Scenes from Deep Time, Chicago 1992; Davidson 2008: 50-54, 98
   Further Places of Activity: England, France (1823-4), Jamaica, and Switzerland. Knighted 1848.

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