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   H. C. ;
   1: Elisabeth Grüters (1xxx-1xxx) in 1911 (divorced in 1932) ; 2: Mrs. Frieda (Schwab) Grüters (19xx-1xxx) in 1932
   1885 in Magdeburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany
   Bonn, Germany
   government building officer Ulrich Cloos (18xx-1xxx)
   Elisabeth Heckel (18xx-1xxx) (mother) ; geologist Ernst Cloos (1898-1xxx) (brother) ;
   school in Saarbrücken; 1905 Gymnasium in Köln; architecture at Aachen Technische Hochschule; geology at Univ Bonn, Jena, Freiburg 1910
   Hans Cloos (1885-1951): Gespräch mit der Erde (1947) ;
   prof. of geology at Universities of Breslau & Bonn; Standard Oil Company; Krupp Bergbau;
   3-D diagrams, geological drawing
   Daniel F. Merriam, William W. Hambleton & John R. Charlton: Kansas Artistic Geologists Illustrators (KGS Open File Report 2005-33) ;
   Further Places of Activity: Indonesia (Java and Borneo), Namibia, the USA, and Norway.

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