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   Stel / van der Stel
   Simon Adriaensz
   S. v. d. S. ; Governor van der Stel / van der Stell / vander Stel
   in 1663 w. Johanna Jacoba (Six) van der Stel in Haarlem
   8 children (see below), among them Willem Adriaan van der Stel (1664-1733)
   1639 at sea off Mauritius
   Constantia, a suburb of Cape Town, South Africa
   Adriaan van der Stel (1605-1646), official of the Dutch East India Company (VOC, Verenigde Oos-Indiese Kompanjie), first Dutch governor of Mauritius
   mother Maria Lievens (1612-1651) (daughter of a freed Indian slave woman known as Monica of the Coast of Goa, or Monica da Costa), 2 sisters
   South Africa & Netherlands
   Tekeningen en beschrijvinge van de gewassen, South Africa late 17th c.; Codex Witsenii. Annotated watercolours of landscapes, flora and fauna observed on the expedition to the Copper Mountains in the country of the Namaqua undertaken in 1685-6 by Simon van der Stel, Commander at the Cape of Good Hope, Copied at the Cape in 1692 for Nicolaas Witsen, Mayor of Amsterdam, Member of the Amsterdam Chamber of the Dutch East India Company, Ambassador to Great Britain, &c, &c., ed. by Th. Toussaint van Hove-Exalto & M.L. Wilson & W.J.J. van Rijssen (Cape Town-Amsterdam, Iziko Museum., 2002) [= Simon van der Stel's journal of his expedition to Namaqualan (1685-6), facsimile of the manuscript made in 1692 for Nicolaas Witsen, mayor of Amsterdam, member of the chamber of the Dutch East India Company, ambassador to Great Britain, etc.]
   Dutch East India Company
   botanical, natural and landscape drawing ;
   Lack 1987: 78-9 ; G. Waterhouse (ed.): S. v. d. Stel's journal (London 1932) ; H. Wegener in Zeitschrift für Bibliothekswesen 55 (1938): 118 ; Nissen: Botan. Buchillustration 1966 # 118 ;
   Last Commander and first Governor of the Cape Colony, the Dutch settlement at the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. his two sisters were Maria (van der Stel) Angel and Adriana van der Stel. His 8 kids were Wilhelmús Adrianús van der Stel, Adriaan van der Stel, Lodewijk van der Stel, Casilina van der Stel, Frans van der Stel, Henrico van der Stel, Cornelis van der Stel and Maria van der Stel

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