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   George Mercer
   G. M. D. ; George M. Dawson ;
   1849 Pictou, Nova Scotia
   university principal Sir John William Dawson
   mother Margaret Ann Young
   High School of Montreal, McGill University, geol & paleont at London Royal School of Mines; Queens University; Thomas H Huxley
   G. M. Dawson: Fossil Plants of Devonian Upper Silurian Formations Canada (1871) ;
   Morrin College, Quebec ; 1875 Geological Survey of Canada ;
   lithographer William Augustus Leggo ;
   botanical and fossil drawing, painting, and photography
   Suzanne Zeller & Gale Avrith-Wakeam: GMD, Dict. Canadian Biog. 13,1901-10) ; Langer 1978 # 6577 ;
   1887 led expedition into Yukon; anthropology.

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