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   F. H. ; Francisco d'Ollanda / Franzisco Hollanda ;
   1517 in Lisbon, Portugal
   1584 or 1585
   ->António d'Holanda, royal illuminator.
   studied in Italy 1538-1547; career as an illuminator, following in the footsteps of his father, António d'Holanda, royal illuminator.
   De aetatibus mundi imagine (1543-73) ; Do tirar polo natural (1549) ; Da fábrica que falece à cidade de Lisboa (Lisbon 1571) ;
   commissions from the Cardinal-Archbishop of Évora, and of the Portuguese kings, John III (1521-1557) and Sebastian (1568-1578).
   architectural, historical, topographical, and technical drawing and painting ; portraiture and miniature
   see further links and oeuvres in
   Portuguese humanist and painter, also active as essayist, architect, and historian.

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