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   Diogo / Diego
   D. R. ; Diego Ribero ; see also -> D. Ribero
   1509 fl.
   Sevilla, Espana
   Castiglioni world map (1525) ; Carta universal en que se contiene todo lo q]ue del mundo se ha descubierto fasta agora; Map of America by Diego Ribero (1529) ; Expositio super octo libros Physicorum Aristotelis ;
   Royal cosmographer, D. R. worked via interagreement by the Kings of Spain & Portugal in 1494, official maps of the Padrón Real / Padrón General 1518
   Compilation map of all discoveries made up to 1529, along the coasts of Central and South America and the West Indies, part I : this part was adjudicated to Portugal by the City of Tordesillas interagreement by the Kings of Spain & Portugal in 1494 ;
   geographical, topographical. mathematical, physical, and technical drawing and woodcuts ; cartographic map-making ; ...#mediaviewer/File:Map_of_America-Ribero_(1529).jpeg
   Luis de Albuquerque: Instruments for Navigation (Lisbon 1988: 6f.) ; Map of America by Diego Ribero 1529, ed. by J. G. Kohl, c. 1840 ;
   Aside from maps, D. R. also made navigation instruments, including astrolabes & quadrants ; Ribeiro sailed with Pedro Afonso de Aguiar who served as captain in the Armadas of the explorers Vasco da Gama (1502), Lopo Soares (1504), and Afonso de Albuquerque (1509).

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