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   Charles Piazzi
   C. P. S. ;
   Jessie Duncan (1xxx-1896) in 1856, daughter of Thomas Duncan
   1819 in Naples, Italy
   Clova, Ripon, Yorkshire, England
   navy officer and amateur astronomer ->William Henry Smyth; godfather astronomer Giuseppe Piazzi.
   siblings: Warington Wilkinson; Henry Augustus ; Henrietta Grace (Mrs. Baden Powell); Georgiana Rosetta; Ellen Philadelphia (->Mrs.Toynbee)
   1835f.: Assistent of the Astronomer Sir Thomas Maclea at Cape of Good Hope; himself as draughtsman of spectra, meteorological phenoma, landscapes, etc
   United Kingdom
   since 1845 prof. of astronomy at University of Edinburgh; Society of Arts, Edinburgh; Royal Society, London (since 1857)
   calotype & photography pioneer -> H. Fox Talbot ; Jessie Smyth (wife) ; A. J. Melhuish & James Glaisher on prints of Teneriffe, an Astronomer's Experiment (1858) ;
   astron., botan., meteorological, & topographical drawing, watercolor, pastel, an oil painting, copper engraving, mezzotint, lithography, photography ; links at
   AKL ; Saunders 1995: 15 ; Simon Schaffer: On astronomical drawing, in: Jones & Galison (ed.): 1998: 447f. f ; K. Hentschel: Mapping the Spectrum (Oxford 2002) ; Ann Thomas (ed.): Beauty of Another Order, 1997: 51 & 78-106 ; R. Krauss in History of Photography 2 (1978): 311f. ; Omar Nasim: James Nasmyth on the Moon; Or on Becoming a Lunar Being Without the Lunacy,” in Selene’s Two Faces: From 17th Century Drawings to Spacecraft Imaging, ed. Carmen Pérez González, Leiden, 2018 ;
   Further Places of Activity: Expeditions to Spain (Teneriffe), Portugal, and Egypt.

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