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   A. M. ; AndrĂ© / Andreas / Andrea Mantenia ;
   1431 in Isola di Carturo close to Padua, Italy
   carpenter Biagio Mantegna (1xxx-1xxx)
   apprentice of Francesco Squarcione (1xxx-1xxx), Paduan painter
   Lodovico III Gonzaga, Duce (Markgraf) of Mantua ; wall-painting of horses, dogs and birds in Gonzaga's private rooms at the Castello di San Giorgio (today Palazzo Ducale) ;
   since 1460 court painter of Duce Lodovico Gonzaga, Mantua (= Ludovico III Gonzaga of Mantua)
   architectural, topographical, animal, zoological, and botanical painting
   further links at
   Jane Martineau & Suzanne Boorsch (eds.): Andrea Mantegna (New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art; London: Royal Academy of Arts, 1992) ;
   Famous as court painter in Mantua (since 1460); in his youth, he traveled in Italy, and perhaps Greece.

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