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   J. C. ;
   two sons: Philibert and François
   1463 fl.
   1498 or earlier, perhaps 1493
   Bourges, France
   brother scultpor Michel Colombe; grandson François Colombe (fl.1498), illuminator;
   Louis de Laval (c. 1411-1489), Seigneur de Châtillon-en-Vendelais, Baron de Lohéac ; complectino of: Très Riches Heures, begun by brothers Limburg for Duc de Berry (c. 1485) ; Histoire de la Destruction de Troye, Mss BNF 24920 ;
   Charlotte I & Charles I, duke of Savoy / Karl I v. Savoyen ; Duc de Berry (1340-1416);
   calligrapher Clément Thibaut c. 1463 & calligrapher André Rousseau, both in Bourges ; from 1483 assisted by J. C.'s son Philibert ;
   illumination of codices, incl. sujets of natural history, topography, architecture & military technology
   The Grove Encyclopedia of Medieval Art & Architecture 2: 178-80 ; Les manuscrits à peintures en France. 1440-1520 (Paris 1993) ; Les passages d'Outremer /expeditions to Outremer: facs.of mss. 1474 ;
   Illuminator Philibert took over J.C.'s house in Bourges in 1493.

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