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   James Dexter
   J. D. H. ; Jim Havens / James D. Havens ;
   1900 in Rochester, New York
   Rochester, New York
   politician James Smith Havens (1859-1927) ; lawyer of George Eastman's (1854-1932) Kodak
   University of Rochester, Rochester Institute Tech, Charles H Woodbury Summer School; Troy Kinney, Woodbury School Ogunquit Maine
   United States of America
   Hunt Institute's 5th International Exhibition of Botanical Art 1983 ;
   Print Club of Rochester ;
   artist, etcher, and author Troy Kinney (1871-1938) ;
   botanical woodcut, wood engraving, painting, and colour woodblock ;
   Brooklyn Museum, Library of Congress, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Norton Simon Museum ; ;
   Bridson 2003: 130 & 163f. ;

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