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   Constantine Samuel
   C. S. R.-S. ; Constantine S. Rafinesque / C. S. R. Schmaltz ;
   son (1xxx-1815 c.)
   1783 in Galata, Constantinople, Turkey
   Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
   French merchant F. G. Rafinesque (1xxx-1793 c.)
   M. Schmaltz (mother) (German)
   mostly self-educated biologist, conchologist, and natural historian
   United States of America
   C. S. Rafinesque-Schmaltz: American Florist (1832), Flora Telluriana (1836), Life of Travels Researches North America and South Europe (1836), Good Book Amenities of Nature (1840) ;
   1819-26 was prof of botany at Transylvanian University, Lexington, Kentucky; Charles Wetherill; Lyceum of Natural History
   wood engraver William Sharpless ;
   botanical drawing
   Bridson 2003: 38, 69 & 182f. ; Nissen: Zoolog. Buchillustration 1969/78 ## 3271f. ;
   Further Places of Activity: Ottoman Empire, France (Marseilles, Italy (Palermo and Sicily), and the USA (1815 to Philadelphia, than to Lexington, Kentucky).

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