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   J. C. ;
   1813 in Chester County, Pennsylvania, USA
   Philadelphia, USA?
   United States of America
   J. Cassin: Descriptions of all North American Birds not given by Former American Authorities; J.C.: Birds of Chile; J.C.: Ornithology of the United States Exploring Expedition; ...
   with ->Spencer Fullerton Baird and George Newbold Lawrence: on Birds of North America (1860)
   ornithological lithography, engraving for plates in Illustrations of the Birds of California, Texas, Oregon, British and Russian America (1853-56)
   AKL; V. Chansigaud: Hist. de l'Ornithologie, 2007, 133; Witmer Stone: J.C., Cassinia 5 (1901), 1-7
   mentioned 1859, 1860/1869; Bowen & Company

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