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   E. M. ; Edward James Muggeridge, in the US first changed to Eadweard Muygridge, then to Muybridge ;
   1830 in Kingston upon Thames, GB
   in Kingston upon Thames, GB
   Latin school in Kingston upon Thames, 1st position at London Printing & Publishing Co., which sent him to the USA
   United States of America
   Thomas Houseworth ; Leland Stanford ; U.S. War Department ;
   Leland Stanford, former Governor of California and owner of a horse stable
   painter Thomas Larkin in new studio near Veterinary Hall, Univ. of Pennsylvania ;
   photography, esp. short-time and multiple exposures w.improved shutter (pioneer of chrono-photography) ; ;
   AKL ; R. B. Haas: Muybridge. Man in Motion (1976) ; A. V. Mozley (Ed.): E. M. Stanford Years 1872–82 (1972) ; P. Fuller, in: J. Audivis. Media in Medicine 21 4 (1998): 140 ; Thomas 1997: 147 & 154ff. ; Wilson 2009: 43, 46; E. M.: The Human & Animal Locomotive Photographs (Cologne 2014) ; Kemp 2006: 302-305
   M. was born and died in England to where he returned in 1896, but spent most of his life in the United States of America; invented Zoopraxiscope in 1879.

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