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   Michael Florent van
   M. F. v. L. ; Michiel Florent van Langren / Michel Langrenus ;
   1598 or 1600 c. in Amsterdam
   Brussels, now Belgium
   cartographer and globe maker ->Arnold Floris van Langren (c. 1571-1644), with whom me emigrated from Amsterdam to Antwerpen in 1609
   globemaker ->Jacob Floris van Langren (1xxx-1610) (grandfather): see Johannes Keuning: The Van Langren Family, in: Imago Mundi 13 (1956): 101-9 ;
   M. L.: Plenilunii Lumina Austriaca Philippica (1645, kept in Edinburgh, Crawford Library) ;
   Cosmographus & Mathematicus van Syne Koninglyke Majesteyt (of the Spanish governor of Netherlands: Isabella Clara Eugenia & Belgian King Philipp IV)
   with his father on various globes & maps ;
   astronomical, and geographical drawing and copper engraving ; terrestrial and lunar cartography ; the first statistical graph 1628-44 ;
   Peter van der Krogt: Globi Neerlandici-Production of Globes in the Netherlands (Utrecht, 1993) ; # 3.2 Jacob Floris van Langren & his sons, & #7.3 Arnold Floris van Langren & his son Michael in Brussels; Michael Friendly et al. in American Statistician 2010: ;
   Dutch engineer, cartografer, and astronomer, who made his own illustrations; on his vita cf.

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