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   Barrière / Barriere
   D. B. ; Dominicus Barriere Massiliensis / Dom. Barrière ;
   1622 or 1618 c. in Marseille, France
   Villa Aldobrandina Tusculana, sive Varii illius hortorum et fontium prospectus
   archaeological, architectural, historical, and topographical copper engraving and etching;c=nebillus;q1=Barri%C3%A8re%2C%20Dominique;rgn1=vervaardiger;view=thumbnail ; BNBF: Recueil de l'Oeuvre de Dominique Barriere;
   Bryan 1 1886 ; AKL ;
   Further Place of Activity: France. French-born painter, engraver & etcher who spent most of his career in Rome.

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