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   S. d. B. ; Stephano / Stefano / Etienne / Étienne della‏ Bella ;
   1610 in Florence, Italy
   Florence, Italy
   family of artists
   family of artists
   apprenticed to a goldsmith, but became an engraver working briefly under Orazio Vanni & Cesare Dandini; studied etching under Remigio Cantagallina
   frontispieces of Galileo Galilei: Dialogo sopre i due massimi sistemi del mondo tolemaica e copernica (1632) ; Opere 1655/56 ; S. d. B.: Diverses Testes & Figures (Paris 1650) ;
   Medici (living for six years in the Medici palace in Rome); Prof. dei disegno da Cimabue
   archaeological, architectural, historical, and topographical copper engraving and etching ; frontispieces ;
   Massar, Phyllis Dearborn. Bella, Stefano della. In Grove Art Online. Oxford Art Online ;
   Claus Zittel: Zeichenkunst und Wissenschaft. S. de B.s Frontispize zu Werken Galileis, in: Tintenfass & Teleskop, 2014: 370ff. ; F. Baldinucci: Vita di St. d. B., in: Cominciamento... (Florence 1686: 602-19) ; Stolzenburg, Andreas, David Klemm & Zorn, Sabine Angela: von der Schönheit der Linie (Petersberg: Michael Imhof Verlag, 2013: 80-3) ; Dagmar Korbacher 2011 ; AKL ; Oehme 1961: 110 ;
   Italian draughtsman and printmaker known for etchings of military and court scenes, landscapes, frontispieces of books, and lively genre scenes.

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