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   Edward Gennys
   Admiral E.F.,
   w. Jane Cardwell, the sister of Edward (later Lord) Cardwell
   son Guy also became a Royal Naval Captain; daughter, Alice
   General Sir Edward Fanshawe
   trained as British marine officer at the Royal Naval Academy, Portsmouth; E.F.; joined the Royal Navy in 1828amateur artist
   United Kingdom
   Admiral Sir Edward Gennys Fanshawe GCB, London 1904, ed. by Alice Fanshawe, illustr. w. E.F.'s own drawings
   Royal Navy (Captain of HMS Cossack; commander of HMS Hastings, HMS Centurion, HMS Trafalgar, HMS Centurion, ...);
   geographic & topographic painting, pen & ink drawing & water-colour,_Ancient_tower_at_Cloyne,_Feby_1856_%28Ireland%29.jpg
   see for his various commandments of ships of HM
   John Knox Laughton: DNB Suppl.(1912); G.Quilley: British naval draughtsmen in Tahiti & South Pacific in the 1840s, Journal of Historical Geography 43(2014):72-84;
   Royal Navy officer: Superintendent of Chatham Dockyard in 1861, Third Naval Lord in 1865 and Superintendent of Malta Dockyard in 1868.[3] He went on to be Commander-in-Chief, North American Station in 1870, Admiral President of Royal Naval College Greenwich 1875; Commander-in-Chief Portsmouth 1878-9

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