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   A. S. ; Agustín / Agustin / Augustin ; birth name: Agustín Stahl Stamm ;
   1842 in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico
    Bayamón, Puerto Rico
    prim.& sec. education in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico; studied at Univ. Würzburg & Prague (Charles Univ), graduating as Doctor of Medicine in 1864
   Puerto Rico
   Estudios sobre la flora de Puerto Rico / Puerto Rican Flora ; Notes on Puerto Rico's Flora ;
   US National Herbarium, Department of Botany, NMNH, Smithsonian Institution
   botanical, ethnological, and zoological drawing and watercolor painting
   enter Stahl as artist at
   see & ;
   Puerto Rican medical doctor & scientist with interests in the fields of ethnology, botany, and zoology, After graduation in Germany, A. S. returned to Puerto Rico where he established his medical practice in the city of Bayamón; also active in the United States of America.

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