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   Bernadette Stemler °
   B. S. V. ; Mrs. Sidney Frederick Velick ; Bernadette Stemler of Seattle ;
   in 1941 w. Sidney Frederick Velick (1913–2007):
   daughter Martha, mentally ill, since 1986 kept at the Alliance House in Salt Lake City; son Dr. William F. Velick & wife Diana of Laguna Beach, CA
   1918 in Seattle, USA
   2007 fl.
   granddaughter Christina Velick Patow
   studied at the Univ. of Washington 1937-38, at Johns Hopkins School of Medical Art 1939-40 & Yale School of Fine Arts 1942;
   United States of America
   R.E. Woodson & R.W. Schery: Flora of Panama, in: annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 1940-49; Davis: Human Developmental Anatomy; H. Morris: Human Anatomy
   alumni of the Johns Hopkins School of Medical Art:
   anatomical, medical & botanical pen-and-ink drawing & watercolour
   on her husband & family information cf.
   Lawrence 1964: 79 ;
   free-lance artist & illustr.; until June 1964, her address was 6911 Columbia Place, St. Louis, Mo.; thereafter she lived at 2514 S Elizabeth Str. in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

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