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   Patricia °
   P. W. ; Mrs. James Rennie ;
   James Rennie (19xx-xxxx)
   1931 in London, England
   2013 fl.
   M.A. in history, St. Andrew's Univ., Scotland ; M.A. in Philosophy, ibid.;
   England, UK
   E. Wood: Pipterocarpus ; Bor: Surrat Grasses ; illustratios in: Roscommon folk tales, History Press Ireland (2013) ;
   independent botanical artist at Royal Botanic Garden, Kew 1956-61; Royal Academy of Arts; Royal Watercolour Society, London
   botanical and historical watercolour
   Lawrence 1964: 80 ;
   In 1964, her address was 87 Sloane Street, London S.W. 1, England.

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