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   F. W. ;
   1855 fl.
   Adolphe Schlagintweit (1829-1857) & Hermann Schlagintweit (1826-1882): Two relief models of Monte Rosa & alpine surroundings (c. 1855) ;
   geographical and geological 3D model making ;
   Omar Nasim: James Nasmyth's Hands, Eyes and Mind in Photography, forthcoming in Nuncius in 2016 ; Omar W. Nasim: James
Nasmyth on the Moon, Or on Becoming a Lunar Being Without the Lunacy, in: Pérez González, Carmen (ed.): Selene’s Two
Faces. From 17th Century Drawings to Spacecraft Imaging (Leiden 2018) ;
   This entry was motivated by Omar Nasim in 2016.

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