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   Harry Ardell
   H. A. A. ;
   1880 in Oxford, Massachusetts
   at the University of North Carolina and gained his bachelor's degree in botany and geology in 1905
   United States of America
   Botanical Society of America's Certificate of Merit (1956) ;
   botanical assistant to W.C. Coker ; William Ralph Maxon (1877-1948) (correspondent) ;
   botanical drawing ;
   A. B. Gurney: Harry A. Allard, Naturalist, in: Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club, 91(2), 1964: 151-6 ; J. E. McMurtrey, Jr.: Harry A. Allard. 1880-1963",in: Plant Physiology, 38(3), 1963: 361 ;
   Further Places of Activity: England, South Africa, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Tropical South America, and Peru.

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