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   Anna Maria °
   A. M. W. ; born Patton ;
   in 1809 botanist Colonel George Warren Walker (1778–1843) at Chunar, in present-day Uttar Pradesh
   probably none
   1778 c. in Kinaldy, Fife, Scotland
   Mangalore, India
   Colonel Robert Patton
   Constantia Adriana Sally Mapletoft (mother) ; 16 siblings, among them John Wogan Patton, Sarah and Jessy ; Philip Patton (paternal grandfather) ; ...
   self-taught as artist ? ;
   Scotland, UK
   botanist George Arnott Walker-Arnott of Arlary (1799-1868): Pugillus Plantarum Indiae Orientalis (1837) ; botanist, physician, zoologist, and natural philosopher Christian Gottfried Daniel Nees von Esenbeck (1776-1858) ;
   botanist and botanical illustrator William Jackson Hooker (1785-1865) ; surgeon and naturalist obert Wight (1796-1872) ; botanist and surgeon Robert Wight (1796-1872) ; physician and botanist Robert Graham (1786-1845) ;
   botanical drawing and watercolour ; oil landscape paintings ; colouring ; ; ;
   Noltie, Henry J.: The Botanical Collections of Colonel & Mrs Walker: Ceylon, 1830–1838 (Edinburgh: Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, 2013) ;
   Further Relative: British army officer and colonial governor, Lieutenant General Sir Henry D'Oyley Torrens (1833-1889) (brother-in-law). Further Places of Activity: Ceylon (= Sri Lanka) and India.

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