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   A. V. ;
   at least one daughter
   1730 c.
   Augsburg ?
   -> Johann Georg Vogler (1720-1765) (elder brother) ; -> Johann Nepomuk Schrettegger (1764-1843) (son-in-law) ;
   -> Johann Georg Vogler (1720-1765) (elder brother and predecessor of the workshop) ;
   instrument & globe maker, sundial maker,_Johann_Georg ;,_Andreas ;
   Baillie, Granville Hugh (1873-1951): Watchmakers & Clockmakers of the World (ISBN 140679113X: page 328) ; Bobinger, Maximilian (1895-1973): Alt-Augsburger Kompassmacher. Sonnen-, Mond- und Sternuhren. Astronomische und mathematische Geräte, Räderuhren (Augsburg: Rösler, 1966) ;
   Active in Augsburg and took over his brother's workshop after his death. Producer of celestial globes, compasses, and other instruments, too. Just little seems to be known about him and his family, even any VIAF-number is still missing.

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