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   R. A. ;
   1821 in Burnside, Fife
   St Andrews, Fife
   farmer Alexander Adamson
   brother John
   taught calotype by brother & David Brewster, then still Univ. St.Andrews, in the late 1830s
   Scotland, UK
   Dr. James Inglis; Prof. David Brewster, Edinburgh
   artist-lithographer -> David Octavius Hill: Hill & Adamson studio; phot. F.C. Annan
   calotype, early forms of photography; stereoscopy & stereography
   McFall 1997: fig. 3
   Scottish National Portrait Gallery ; var. links & further lit. in
   DNB 1885; K. McFall: Notable Anniv. Med. Illust, Journ. Audiovisual Media Med. (1997) 20,1: 5-10; Wilson: Photography Goitre, Inglis, Brit. Med J 1973; David Octavius Hill & R.A: Catalogue of their Calotypes taken 1843-1847, 1981; Arthur T.Gill: Early sterescopes, Photographic Journal 109 (1969):556 ; Christopher Date & Anthony Hamberg: The origins of photography at the British Museum. 1839-1860, in: History of Photography 14 (1990): 309-325, esp. p. 314;
   known as chemist & medical portrait photography who stablished his photographic studio at Rock House, Calton Hill Stairs in Edinburgh, on May 10, 1843

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