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   Johanna Ellaphie °
   J. E. W.-H. ;
   1920 in Pretoria
   Cape Town
   painter -> Gerhardus Pieter Lambertus Hilhorst (1886-1957) (uncle)
   Pretoria Girls' High School ; pupil of -> Gerhardus Pieter Lambertus Hilhorst (1886-1957) (uncle) ;
   South Africa
   Deirdre Snijman ; J. J. A. Van der Walt, P. J. Vorster, Ernest J. van Jaarsveld, Dolf Schumann & Gerhard Kirstenperiodicals: Flowering Plants of Africa, Bothalia, Aloe ;
   Survey Department Witwatersrand Gold Mines ; SA Journal of Botany, National Cactus & Succulent Journal, Veld & Flora
   cartographical and botanical drawing, watercolour, and painting
   Brenthurst Library Johannesburg ; Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation Pittsburgh Shirley Sherwood collection.
   Cartographer at Witwatersrand Gold Mines 1939; commercial advertising. Further Place of Activity: the Netherlands. See also:

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