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   F. A. ; Fred / Fredrik or Fridrick ; F. Akrelius ;
   painter Carl Fredrik Akrel (1779-1868) ;
   long-time assistant of Akerman ;
   kongl. Vetenskapssocietet. in Uppsala ; Kosmografiska Sällskapet(= cosmographical society, founded in 1758); Royal Academy of Sciences in Stockholm;
   cartographical copperplate engraving ; hand-colouring of geographical maps ; 3D globe making ; ; ;
   Akerman's globe workshop became the property of the Swedish state & F.A., the long-time assistant of Akerman, was appointed its head. ->Erik Akerland (1754-after 1832) became apprentice to F.A. in 1781 to learn the manufacturing of globes & copperplate-engraving.

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