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   Karl Alfred Sixten
   K. A. X. Z. ; Carl Alfred Ritter von Zittel ;
   Maria M. Ogilvie Gordon (1xxx-1939)
   1839 in Bahlingen in Baden
   studied at Univ. Heidelberg, Paris, and Vienna
   Handbuch der Paläontologie (1876-1893) ; Geschichte der Geologie & Paläontologie bis Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts (1901) ;
   shortly in the Geological Survey of Austria & assist. in mineralogy museum at Vienna; prof. at Karlsruhe Polytechnic 1863-65 & Univ. Munich 1866-
   geographer, explorer, author and adventurer Friedrich Gerhard Rohlfs (1831-1896) ; painter Johann Adam Otto Buetschli (1848-1920)
   zoological and paleontological drawing
   Encyclopædia Britannica 28 (1911):,_Karl_Alfred_von
   Z. was distinguished for his palaeontological researches. From 1869 until c.1900 he was chief editor of the Palaeontographica;Further Places of Activity: France, Lybia & Austria.

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