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   João Teixeria
   J. T. A. ; Ioão / J. T. Albernaz I ;
   1590 c. in Lisbon
   Luís Teixeira from prominent family of cartographers whose work extended from mid-sixteenth century until late 18th century; cf. under other
   Domingos Teixeira (uncle) ; Pedro Teixeira Albernaz (brother) ; João Teixeira Albernaz II, the Younger (active 1666-75) (grandson)
   learned the craft from his father Luís Teixeira, starting his own work in the 17th c.;in 1602 licence as master for "Nautical charts, astrolabs"
   19 atlases & 215 maps ;
   1605, he was appointed cartographer for the Warehouse Guinea and India (Casa da Mina & Indias)
   geographical, topographical, maritime, and cartographic map-making, esp. portolan charts ;
   Armando Cortesão & Avelino T. da Mota: Portugaliae monumenta cartographica (vol. IV 1960) ; A. Mota: Cartas Portuguesas Antigas na Colecção de Groote Schuur (Lisboa 1977) ; Viterbo Sousa: Trabalhos Náuticos dos Portugueses, Séculos XVI-XVII (1988) ; Simona Binkova: Pražský Teixera's Prague atlas ;
   On the Albernaz family see

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