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   J. W. ; Walshe ;
   Piers Walsh
   1537 c.
   1600 c.
   as compass maker at the Iron Gate Tower, London ; he later became cartographer
   England, UK
   Drapers’ Company, a guild ranked third in precedence of the great 12 livery companies of the City of London.
   maritime, topographical, and cartographical portolan maps
   DNB ; John Blake: Vermessung der Meere (2007: 39) ; Tony Campbell et al: My head is a map (London 1973) ; Alistair Simon Maeer: The Cartography of Commerce. The Thames School of Nautical Cartography, Diss. Texas 2006: 49-55 ;
   J. W. apprenticed John Daniel / Daniell & his son Piers Walsh until 1590 and became founder of the so-called Thames school of cartography.

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