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   William de Wiveleslie
   W. d. W. A. ; W. A. d. W. ;
   1843 in Derby
   vicar of St Alkmund's Derby, Edward Abney (1811–1892), owner of the Firs Estate
   Charles Edward Abney (1850-1914) (brother)
   Rossall School, Royal Military Academy, Woolwich; then joined the Royal Engineers in 1861, with whom he served in India for several years;
   United Kingdom
   W. W.: Instruction in Photography (London 1900) ; A New Developer, Photographic News (1880, 24: 345) ;
   Chatham School of Milit.Engineering (chemic assistant, later prof.); Photographic Society of GB (Progress Medal, pres.); Royal Society London (fellow)
   Charles Edward A. (brother) ;
   investigated blackening of a negative to incidental light, developed a dry photographic emulsion, introduced hydroquinone in 1880 & new photogr. paper ; ;
   DSB 1 1970: 21f. ; K. Hentschel: Mapping the Spectrum (2002) ; Wilder 2009: 20-21, 27-29
   W. d.W. A. was founding member of the Derby Photographic Society in June 1884, became assistant secretary to the Board of Education in 1899 & advisor to that body in 1903.

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