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   Christoph Ludwig
   C. L. A. ;
   1667 in Regensburg / Ratisbone
   Regensburg, now Bavaria, Germany
   influenced by French painters Claude Lorrain & Nicolas Poussin
   strictly naturalistic paintings ;
   botanical, zoological, entomological, and ornithological painting, watercolour, and engraving ;
   Stadtarchiv Regensburg: death certificate; Institut Néerlandais Paris;
   ADB 1 (1875):143; NDB 1 (1953): 98; Th-B; AKL; Pinault et al1984:47; Christine E Jackson: Great Bird Paintings of the World,1(1993):134f; Rüdiger Klessmann: Landschaftsmaler CLA. in Niederdeutsche Beiträge Kunstgeschichte 43(2006):207-24;
   born & died in Regensburg, Bavaria, now Germany; traveled widely to England, France, Italy (esp. Neapel / Napoli) & Netherlands.

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