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   E. W. ; Ed West ;
   1922 in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA
   Jamie and Lucille Westcott
   United States of America
   offical photographer of the Manhattan Project, esp. in Oak Ridge 1942-66 ; Oak Ridge-Images of America (2005) ;
   U.S. government, official government photographer from 1942 to 1966; Oak Ridge Journal.
   army photogapher. ->J. A. Meuenster (Chief photographer's mate) ; ->C. R. Adamson (photographer's Mate Third Class) ;
   documentary scientific and technical photography ; portraiture photography ; ; National Archives, Washington; Photography Collection, Int. Center of Photography, New York;
   Erin Barnett & Philomena Mariani (Ed.): Hiroshima Ground-Zero 1945 (New York 2011: 7 & 124ff.) ;

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