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   Frederick Andrews
   F. A. W. ; Frederick A. Walpole / not to be mixed up with ->Frederick Walpole (1822-1876) ;
   English girl in 1893 (1xxx-1898) ;
   Sidney (1894-1xxx)
   1861 Port Douglas, Essex County, New York
   Santa Barbara, California, USA
   from Portland Oregon
   art in Chicago from painter (Junius R?) Sloan
   United States of America
   Frederick V. Coville: Wokas a primitive food of the Klamath Indians, Annual Report US National Museum (1902) ; J. N. Rose: Mexican Central American Plants (1906) ;
   US National Herbarium; US Department of Agriculture Division of Botany; from 1902 also US National Museum; Lewis & Dryden Printing Co, Portland
   botanist Homer D. House ; artist Juliet C. Patten ; artist Miss Smith ; Dr. Theodor Iloln ; Miss Anna Snyder ;
   landscape and botanical and natural pen-and-ink, drawing, watercolour painting, and oil ; ;
   FV Coville papers in Smithsonian Institution Archives; Hunt Institute, FA Walpole collection ;
   Bridson 2003: 70f., 82 & 193f. ; John Brindle ; Paintings & Drawings by FA Walpole (1973, foreword) ; enter Walpole as artist at ;
   Moved 1871 to Chicago, 1882 to Trail, Oregon; 1896 to Washington DC; trips to Northwest & Alaska. Unitarian; cf. also

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