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   Gaetano Giulio
   G. Z. ; Zummo ;
   1656 in Syracuse
   family name was formerly Zummo
   first worked in Naples (1687-91), then Florence (1691-94), finally in Paris
   physician Guillaume Desnoues (1650-1735); medici family, esp. Cosimo III (1642-1723) & Ferdinando (1663-1713);
   Cosimo III (1642-1723) & Ferdinando (1663-1713); French King Louis XIV granted him monopoly rights for wax models
   Caterina de Julianis (1695-1742),one of his pupils; see
   anatomical wax models ; 3D medical models
   on exhibition of Zumbo models in La Specola:
   Puccetti/Perugi/Scarani: GGZ founder of anatomic wax modeling, Pathol Annu 1995: 269-81; Putscher 1972:71; Encyclopaedia Anatomica, Cologne 1999:20-5;
   active in Naples (1687-91), Florence (1691-94), finally in Paris;s.a. exhibition catalogue GG.G.Z: Mostra, Siracusa, Galleria regionale di Palazzo Bellomo 1988/89; G.Dürbeck & A.Wolkenhauer in Wahrnehmung der Natur/Natur der Wahrnehmung, Dresden 2001: 35ff.&71ff.

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