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   Ferdinand Bernhard
   F. B. V. ; botanical shortname: Vietz ;
   1772 in Vienna
   Vienna / Wien, Austria
   drawings for F. B. V.: Icones Plantarum Medico-Oeconomico-Technologicarum cum Earum Fructus ususque Descriptione, an 11-vol. compilation of medicinal, culinary and decorative plant species (Vienna 1800-22) ;
   Professor of Forensic Medicine at the Univ. Vienna; dedication of Icones Plantarum... to Maria Theresa, Empress of Austria.
   copper engraver ->Johann Ignaz Albrecht (1759- aftert 1800) ;
   botanical drawing and engraving ; hand-colouring ;
   see and futher links there
   Das Deutsche Apotheken-Museum (Regensburg 2008: 111-2) ;
   F.V. was an Austrian pharmacologist, a Doctor of the Healing Arts and Professor. For further examples of his illustrations see

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